Heavens Above

* Srdjan Dragojevic

Producers: Heino Deckert, Vladimir Anastasov, Biljana Prvanovic, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Screenplay: Srdjan Dragojevic

Synopsis: The script is divided in three sub-plots, all linked but set in three different periods. In the first story set in 1993, Stojan, a war refugee and a former army officer, receives a halo as a gift from God. His wife Nada forces him to sin, she wants him to get rid of this gift and unwanted attention from the neighbours. This good man finds it hard to commit even the smallest sins. But gradually, from smaller to bigger sins, for the first time in his life Stojan starts to enjoy himself. He drives his family away and becomes a pimp with his halo as a guarantee of the "purity" of his girls.

In the second story, Gojko, a mentally handicapped and deeply religious young man is sentenced to death for multiple murders when he tries to steal a cell phone. Gojko believes that the phone provides a direct link with his favourite idol, St. Petka. Moments before execution, the Lord transforms Gojko into a new-born baby and resurrects the family he has murdered. However, the fact that Gojko turned into an innocent being doesn't prevent the authorities to carry out earthly laws.

In the third story, the Parliament passes a law turning a 12-month year into a 24-month one. Under the heavy burden of debts to international monetary funds, the government finds a bizarre repayment plan - paying off every other year. This brings unexpected results - the story heroes become half their age and this profoundly affects their lives. Young people - now children - organize a coup d'état and violently bring down the new gerontocratic government.
In the fourth story a good, but unrecognised artist enters a "nutritious" period. His paintings have the amazing power - to feed the observers. The government, with Stojan in charge as the President nationalizes the artist's work, along with the artist himself.