The Dreamgirl

* Maurizio Braucci

Director: Maurizio Braucci
Writer: Maurizio Braucci & Rebecca Lenkiewicz


Synopsis: Barbara is a 30-year-old disabled woman. For several years her secret, well known to a few, has been that she has been a prostitute in a disability centre where the men who have problems with their motor functions and learning disabilities benefit from her services, with the tacit assent of some doctors and professionals. Because of this, Barbara is able to live in a house, alone. One day, Barbara discovers that another woman who she had previously taken to be a visitor, is actually also a prostitute, working in the same centre she works. Elisabetta, a forty-something Nigerian woman with a shattered life behind her is all of a sudden her rival. Barbara employs all of her weapons of seduction to improve her look and extend charm over the patients that Elisabetta has stolen from her, but she has a hard time. Now in crisis, just at the moment in which she's convinced that she's lost her job, she rescues Elisabetta, who is being chased by two thugs, and taking her as a guest in her house. A friendship blossoms between the two of them that imitates the mother-daughter relationship that Barbara needs. Elisabetta continues to live with her and becomes, in so many words, her procuress and arranges for her to ply her trade at home, this time with the able bodied. This idyllic life is torn asunder when the two men who had followed Elisabetta track her down and, breaking into Barbara's house, hit Barbara and wound the Nigerian. It emerges that she was really a Maman, an exploiter of Nigerian girls, who fled after having after having stolen money from the organisation that had been searching for her. Just in that moment when the situation seems as if it will turn tragic, Barbara is able to defend herself and her friend, saving their lives.