* Alice Nellis, 2014

Production Companies: IN Film Praha, Ceska Televize, Film & Music Entertainment
Producers: Rudolph Biermann, Sam Taylor, Mike Downey
Director: Alice Nellis
Writer: Michal Viewegh
Cast: Marian Labuda, Vladimir Javorsky, Vojtech Dyk, Eliska Krenkova, Boleslav Polivka, Zuzana Bydzovska, Klara Meliskova, Vaclav Neuzil, Zuzana Kronerova, Ondrej Sokol
Synopsis: The film focuses on a few intimate family destinies from various social categories: a recently widowed young doctor; a school canteen cook and her son; a driving instructor and his wife, a Czech language teacher; and their closest relatives. Not everyone in this story dies, but they all have to cope with loss and mortality.. "Angels" pinpoints and describes the important details that make up a life, moments that can be just as humdrum as fatal, little things that change the course of life.