Donkey [Kenjac]

* Antonio Nuic, 2009

Producers: Boris T. Matic, Mirko Pivcevic, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Production Companies: Refresh Productions, Film and Music Entertainment
Director: Antonio Nuic
Writer: Antonio Nuic

It is 1995. The summer when the war operation Storm will take place. Boro travels to his nome village Drinovci, Herzegovina, with his wife Jasna and son Luka in the hope of seeing his brother who was wounded while leaving Sarajevo. Boro constantly fights with Jasna, and he doesn't speak at all to his father Pako, whom he blames for his mother's death. In two weeks in August 1995, Boro will solve the years long dispute with his father, and will learn to be a better husband and a father.