Eleven Men Out [Strákarnir okkar]

* Robert Douglas, 2005

Prod companies: The Icelandic Film Company (Iceland), Film and Music Entertainment (UK), Solar Films (Finland)
Producers: Julius Kemp,Ingvar Tordarson, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Markus Selin
Director: Robert Douglas
Script: Robert Douglas, Jon Atli Jonasson
Genre: Comedy Drama

Synopsis: An all gay football team in an amateur football league get the chance of a lifetime when they have the opportunity to play against the big guns...

// Festivals

  • Toronto Film Festival (Sept 2005)
  • Berlin International Film Festival (Feb 2006)
  • Dublin Film Festival (Feb 2006)
  • New York New Directors and New Films Festival (Feb 2006)
  • Belfast Film Festival (Mar 2006)
  • London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (April 2006)
  • Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Apr 2006)

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Eleven Men Out [Strákarnir okkar] (Robert Douglas, 2005) trailer

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