Falcons [Fálkar]

* Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, 2002

Drama. Simon, an ex-con just released from prison in his native America, returns to Iceland to kill himself. Before he has a chance to do so, he meets Dua, a young Icelandic girl who is a force of nature with amazing powers over animals and people. The two smuggle an Icelandic falcon overseas to Germany, and while Simon intends to sell the falcon to the highest bidder, Dua is intent on taming the valuable and majestic creature. Dua spends more and more time with the falcon, while Simon looks for a buyer since their remaining cash is dwindling. When a buyer is found, their world is turned upside down forever. The film is the English language debut of acclaimed Icelandic director, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson.

// Festivals

  • Cannes Film Festival (May 2002)
  • Norwegian International Film Festival (Aug 2002)
  • Toronto Film Festival (2002)
  • Febio Film Festival (Jan 2003)
  • Gothenburg Film Festival (Jan 2003)
  • Rouen Nordic Film Festival (Mar 2003)
  • Philadelphia International Film Festival (Apr 2003)
  • Copenhagen International Film Festival (Aug 2003)

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