Life is a Trumpet [Život je truba]

* Antonio Nuic, 2015

Director: Antonio Nuic
Writer: Antonio Nuic
Main Cast: Goran Navojec (The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker, The Parade), Zlatko Vitez, Ksenija Marinković (Hush, Projections)
Genre: Dramedy

Synopsis: Bura is an easy-going 35-year-old who plays the trumpet in an alternative jazz band. He comes from a wealthy family of butchers but doesn't want to take part in the business. Bura is marrying psychologist Jana whose parents are intellectuals. The groom's father insists on organizing the wedding reception by himself, true to tradition. The two families meet.
 Such family gatherings are a constant source of inspiration, especially if there is a wedding in sight. It is a great opportunity to observe the subtle clashes between different personalities. The encounter between two families from different backgrounds shows that their members are not as different as one might expect.