Lilet Never Happened

* Jacco Groen

Directed by Jacco Groen
Produced by Jacco Groen, Jamillah van der Hulst, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor,

The drama script is based on the real life story of a child prostitute in Manila who, having reached the end of her possibilities, attempts suicide as a desperate way out of her terrible life. Her story is very much the story of the more than one million other children working in the global commercial sex trade today.

In 1998, Jacco Groen visited the Philippines to research a documentary. There, he met the real life Lilet in a psychiatric institution. Lilet is a child prostitute. Because she is part Western-part Filipina, she is a very popular child prostitute amongst Western pedophiles. Lilet tells Jacco that she has tried to commit suicide: "Everyone is only interested in my body and no one is interested in me as a person". Later on, when Jacco tries to contact Lilet again, she is nowhere to be found. Lost without a trace. Deeply moved by Lilet’s story, Jacco decides to write a script for a feature film called "Lilet Never Happened". With the film he wants to raise awareness for the problem of child prostitution and the crime that comes with it.

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