Lost in Karastan

* Ben Hopkins, 2014

Director: Ben Hopkins

Writer: Ben Hopkins & Pawel Pawlikowski

Main Cast: Matthew Macfadyen (Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina), MyAnna Buring (Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Kill List), Noah Taylor (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Game of Thrones)
Genre: Black Comedy, Satire

Synopsis: A gentle black comedy directed by Ben Hopkins about a confused, washed up film director, Emil, who is invited by a nascent state to make a national epic in an obscure Caucasus Republic ruled by an eccentric and corrupt dictator. When down and out British film director Emil Forester receives an invitation to the Autonomous Republic of Karastan, little does he know that he will be embarking on one of the wildest journeys of his already diverse and colourful career.