Loving Glances [Sjaj u ocima]

* Srdjan Karanovic, 2003

The film tells the story of Labud, a young student set adrift on the tide of refugees created by the ethnic strife in the region, and Romana a beautiful girl from the wrong side of the ethnic divide who meet and fall in love as displaced people in Belgrade of the mid nineties. As they fall in love so the "ghosts" of their past visit them and try to keep them apart. After a series of hilarious events in which the incorporeal attempt to interfere with the lives of the corporeal - love conquers all.

Offical website: www.lovingglances.com

// Festivals

  • Venice Film Festival (Sep 2003)
  • Film By The Sea (Sep 2003)
  • Toronto Film Festival (Sep 2003)
  • Cleveland International Film Festival (Mar 2004)
  • Philadephia International Film Festival (Apr 2004)

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Loving Glances [Sjaj u ocima] (Srdjan Karanovic, 2003) trailer

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