Son of Man

* Mark Dornford-May, 2006

Production Companies: dimphd di kopane, Spier Films, Film & Music Entertainment.
Producer(s): Mark Dornford-May, Camilla Driver, Brigid Olen
Director: Mark Dornford-May
Screenplay: Mark Dornford-May, Andiswa Kedama, Pauline Malefane
Genre: Musical Film/Drama

Synopsis: Based on the New Testament the narrative unveils a portrait of a man of our time whose currency is the politics of compassion. It is a gripping journey of love, deception and betrayal in a conflicted society.

// Festivals

  • Sundance (Jan 2006)
  • BAM (2006)
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival (2006)
  • Durban Film Festival
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Motovun
  • Traverse Film Festival

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