StreetKids United

* Tim Pritchard, 2010

Director: Tim Pritchard

Producers: Sandy Markwick, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Co-Producers: Tendeka Matatu, Rachel Young
Executive Producers: Catrin Cooper, Patrick Fischer, Peter F. Gardner
Production Companies: Film and Music Entertainment, Ten10, Elfin Productions
Genre: Documentary Feature

Synopsis: STREETKIDS UNITED is about a team of homeless children, chosen to represent South Africa in the first ever Street Child World Cup, who see football as a way to a better and brighter future.

To much of the outside world they are a nuisance, best hidden or ignored. but they are aspiring to much more. They want to be a team.



STREETKIDS UNITED was made with the support of the
MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

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  • Official Selection - Berlinale Generation Kplus 2011

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