Sweet Angel Mine

* Curtis Radclyffe, 1996

A gripping psychological thriller in which long buried secrets are revealed with horrifying consequences. Paul, a young man from Chicago, arrives in the small Nova Scotia town of Milestone, where his long lost father was last seen years earlier. Paul is eager to find out what brought his father to this remote community. He meet Rauchine, a young, beautiful and unaffected girl who lives with her unstable mother and domineering grandmother on a nearby island, who is eking out a harsh and isolated living. Paul finds himself enmeshed in a web of jealousy, bitterness and fear as his attraction to Rauchine begins to grow. After a failed attempt to leave the island with Paul, Rauchine must make a crucial decision and break the cycle of violence and death that has marked her life.

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Sweet Angel Mine (Curtis Radclyffe, 1996) trailer