The Disciple

* Ivan Ostrochovský, 2020

Status: In Development

Producers: Katarina Tomkova, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Director: Ivan Ostrochovský
Writer: Rebecca Lenkiewicz & Ivan Ostrochovský

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: 17-year-old boy best friends Michal and Juraj leave their home village of Spis in Slovakia to join a Seminary in Bratislava. Upon arrival, the boys begin their training and soon learn about the corruption of the church under the communist government. Juraj gets inspired by the ‘secret church’ who are not restricted by the Slovakian government and believe the only God they should follow is God. As Michal and Juraj drift apart Juraj joins fellow rebel student Stefan in typing out illegal pamphlets about the pope and his teachings, they soon get caught and questioned by the secret police. After Juraj’s failed suicide attempt, Michal realises that he has been manipulated by the leaders in their church, and organises a hunger strike with fellow students. The hunger strike is successful and nearly the entire student body refuses to eat, after being threatened by the dean of the school Michal and Juraj leave. Helping each other the boys, walk on in hope of finding a better future.