Under the Stars [Kato apo ta asteria]

* Christos Georgiou, 2001

Directed and written by Cristos Georgiou, this film begins in Cyprus, 1974. a Greek right wing military coup overthrows the government, and the Turkish government invades the island. After a period of intense fighting, the UN intervenes and draws a "Green Line" through the middle of Cyprus, separating the Turkish and Greek territories. Thousands of refugees are relocated and killed, including ten year old Lucas’ parents. Twenty six years later, Lucas is living a hermit’s life, haunted by the memory of the past.

// Festivals

  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Nov 2001)
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 2002)
  • Commonwealth Film Festival (July 2002)

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Under the Stars [Kato apo ta asteria] (Christos Georgiou, 2001) trailer