Cassy and Jude

Status: In Development
Producers: Stephen Daldry, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Production Companies: Film and Music Entertainment
Writer: Michelle Lipton
Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Cassandra and Jude are twins: 26, gorgeous and inseparable. Or so Cassy thinks, until she finds out Jude is engaged to John, a Kiwi vet.

Cassy can’t believe Jude can be in-love with someone she’s only known for three months, especially when it means giving up her MA research to emigrate to New Zealand.

But what does Cassy know about commitment? She keeps flunking the first year at Bristol University, idolising her late Mother and swearing that like her, she’ll never be conventional.

Not only is Jude leaving for New Zealand in two weeks, there’s a huge engagement party is booked in the familial home in the Brecon Beacons. Hosted by their widower father, Lowell, and flamboyant Grandmother, she has invited John, his brother and his brother’s family. And it’s tomorrow.

Over the ensuing weekend, Cassy plots to stop her sister’s wedding. She pretends to be her sister, and to save face Jude pretends to be her. John’s brother and his family contribute to the comedy of errors. Max, Cassy's student therapist, turns up and the family assume he is her boyfriend. Who knows what Max assumes?

By the time the guests start to arrive, John finds out about the switch and storms off into the night. Cassy seems to have won - but lost Jude. Is this all really what she wanted?

Then Lowell tells Cassy the truth about her adored mother - she was planning to run off with another man and leave them all behind. Shocked, Cassy drinks half a bottle of whiskey by the pool. She stumbles, falls into the water and cracks her head on the side...

As Lowell comes running to save Cassy, Jude is having her own revelations. Does she really want to give up everything to marry John?
Can the twins have it all?

Or should she, as Cassy says, "Marry the poor bastard. For both of our sakes".

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