The Enemy

Script: Peter Milligan
Producers: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor

Status: In Development

Synopsis: Gary Mullen is in Hell. He’s lost his son in a tragic accident. His marriage is on the rocks, he’s lost his job, he’s out of money... our story starts as Mullen stands looking into London’s Highgate cemetery, bereft. On the surface Matt Flowers has everything - a successful restaurant business, a lovely daughter and a secure marriage. However, he is not as blamelessly charming as we might have imagined - with a string of infidelities to his name, and a chequered financial history. When Matt knocks into perfect stranger Mullen, he saunters on to work, oblivious to the split second collision that has changed his life forever. Because in this split second Mullen realises his mission. The next best thing to climbing out of Hell... is dragging someone else down with you. As the bad things start to ‘happen’ to Matt, his veneer of cool bohemian chic begins to crack. Mullen watches in fascination as Matt’s life unravels - much as Mullen’s own. Eventually, Mullen is the one person left that Matt trusts. Until one day, Mullen’s cover is blown. The hunter becomes the hunted. The Enemies stand face to face.