The Man with the Magic Box

Writer: Bodo Kox
Main cast: Agata Buzek, Olga Boladz, Arkadiusz Jakubik
Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Synopsis: Set in a futuristic society in which everything is technological, money transactions are made with fingerprints and bombs blow up skyscraper regularly, The Man with the Magic Box tells the story of ADAM (30s); he is catapulted in this society without any memory of his previous life and works as a cleaner in a big corporate office. As he struggles to get the love of GLORIA, a beautiful woman from a way upper class of society, he gets obsessed with an old radio from the 50’s; in fact, every time he listens to it, his mind is transported into mystic visions or apparently alternative realities in the year 1952. As he tries to understand how this machinery works, he finally gets back to 1952, where he actually belongs, as he is a scientist’s assistant studying time travel and bilocation. Once Adam’s gone, Gloria desperately tries to find him and, using the same radio, finally manages to go back in time to her beloved one. However, in that exact moment, the police forces of the future find her unconscious body and drag her back to the future.