// 17th of May, 2011

By Nick Holdsworth, Variety

Jakimowski won has built a reputation for well-observed, psychologically true human dramas. Both "Squint Your Eyes" in 2002 and "Tricks" in 2007 looked at relationships through the eyes of children. "Tricks," about a 6-year-old boy trying to manipulate fate to bring a man he thinks is his father back home, was sold by Berlin-based M-Appeal to more than 30 countries.
He began shooting his next feature, "Blind Watching," in Portugal this month. Produced by Jakimowski's ZAiR, Filmes do Tejo II and KMBO Production, in association with London-based producer Mike Downey's Film and Music Entertainment, it stars Edward Hogg and Alexandra Maria Lara. Scripted, like his earlier films, by the director, "Blind Watching" centers on a blind teacher who helps a female student rediscover the pleasures of life.