European Film Academy Elects Fame's Mike Downey to Deputy Chairmanship of European Film Academy

// 25th of January, 2014

Film and Music Entertainment's managing director, Mike Downey has been elected the new deputy chairman of the European Film Academy. The Academy is presided over by Wim Wenders and chairperson is Agnieszka Holland.

Downey, who has been a member of the Academy for over 25 years and one of the longest serving board members in its 27 year history is joined by leading Spanish producer Antonio Saura as co-deputy chairman replacing respectively German director Volker Schloendorff and long time former chairman, Nik Powell producer of Academy Award winning The Crying Game.

Downey has long been active as a producer on the international film scene and has served as a member of the Council of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for two terms and as a member of the Film Committee of BAFTA.

In addition he is currently a Trustee of the White Ribbon Alliance - an organisation which  unites citizens to demand the right to a safe birth for every woman, everywhere. Childbirth is the biggest killer of young women in many countries; 800 still die every day. Almost all of these deaths are preventable.

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