// 18th of May, 2010

Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) expand their 3D activities and make TURTLE: The Incredible Journey available in 3D to International Distributors in Cannes Following Russian Release at the End of April. The Mortician 3D completes editing in London. Other projects in the pipeline.

Picking up on the global demand for 3D distribution, Film and Music Entertainment, the London-based production outfit headed by Mike Downey and Sam Taylor, are making available for the first time at an international market via sales agent Sola Media TURTLE: The Incredible Journey in a stereoscopic 3D format, following the film’s successful launch in Russia by Luxor Group at the end of April.

"We are currently working on a number of projects in this medium," says F&ME’s managing director Mike Downey, "as there is not only a very strong market appetite and audience for these films but the technology and the ease of production is improving day by day."

Released in Russia as Great Journey into the Oceans 3D, local tipster SeeFilms .ru describes the film:

"The Magical World of the underwater kingdom beckons, captivates the eye. Coral reefs, underwater graveyard of ships, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, legends and myths of the ocean - all this in a documentary masterpiece "Great Journey into the Oceans 3D" - a real fairy tale in reality."

Already a sales and box office hit across Europe, this new version has given the film a new theatrical and specialist lease of life and deals for Japan, the US and the UK are expected to close for both versions of the film by the end of the market. In addition the film has been screened in over 50 festivals worldwide and has just won another prestigious award, this time for Rory McGuinness’ incredible underwater photography at the 2010 Australian Cinematographer’s Society Awards last week and the Kinderfilmfest Hof’s Audience Award.

TURTLE: The Incredible Journey is produced by Mike Downey, Sam Taylor and Sarah Cunliffe.

Another F&ME 3D co-production with Full Circle Films, The Mortician-3D, is just completing editing at the Molinare post production facility in London. The film will become available for the international market at the American Film Market in November.

"Soon after Cannes we will be looking for a world sales agent for this ground breaking film," says F&ME’s Mike Downey, "But by using this technology in a naturalistic setting The Mortician-3D - in a narrative thriller genre the audience comes away with an almost holographic experience - immersed in the film and the characters."
Shot on a budget of £4m, cast includes global hip-hop star and new face of Adidas, Method Man (The Wackness, How High, Garden State), Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X) and Angelic Zambrana (Fighting, and the Oscar nominated Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire) among others.
Going forward and further into 3D Film and Music Entertainment are planning a sequel to TURTLE: The Incredible Journey, as well as including elements of stereoscopic 3D in Dominic (White Lightnin’) Murphy’s upcoming "Untitled Bronte Project" a feature film idea about the relationships between the four Bronte children and Angria the miniature fictional children's world that they created. Murphy is researching potential writers for the project.

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