Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) Pact with Finland’s MRP Matila Rohr Productions for three feature films over the next two years

// 19th of May, 2008

3D Epic Underwater Iceland, psychological thriller The Debt and classic police noir, The Priest of Evil

Finland's leading producer, distributor and facilities provider MRP Matila
Rohr Productions and London-based production house F&ME have joined forces to
replicate the success of their 2007 animation collaboration Quest for For
a Heart to produce three feature films over the next two years.

Quest for a Heart, which has just been picked up for world sales by
TrustNordisk, was a big box office successes in Finland last
year, grossing 150,000 plus viewers with over 200,000 in Russia
already. Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Lisa Stansfield
star with Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) taking writing chores. The film will roll
out around the world at Christmas 2008.

Leading off the slate is the Marko Rohr produced Underwater Iceland 3D
which is currently being prepared for a mammoth two year shoot in and
around the coastal waters of Iceland. Using the spectacular underwater
landscape around Iceland this 3D epic documentary attempts in its own
philosophical way to look for the origins of life where tectonic plate
shifts, and temperature changes could have created the first living cells
to exist on earth.

"Our aim with Underwater Iceland 3D," says producer Marko Rohr, "is to
exploit the amazing underwater view using vivid colors, clear waters,
time-lapse camera work and the latest 3D tecnology.The stunningly beautiful
sceneries of the ever-changing subterranean Iceland and the surrounding
sea, are there to be documented from the tiniest plankton and single cell
life to fish, to erupting volcanoes and geysers."

Currently budgeted at Euros 2.2 million all post production on the film will
be handled in the UK through Film and Music Entertainment, who are fresh
from their own underwater epic documentary The Turtle's Song.

Next on the slate is The Debt, a psychological thriller and eagerly
anticipated follow up to director Joona Tena's box office hit, the lipstick
footie yarn, FC Venus which was remade in Germany in 2006.

Produced by MRP's Mikko Tenhunen along with F&ME's Mike Downey and Sam
Taylor, and written by Tena, Tenuhen and Quest for a heart director/writer
Pekka lehtosaari, The Debt will shoot in the British Isles in early 2009 on
a Euro 2 million budget. Set in a remote lakeside town in the UK, The Debt
is a supernatural thriller with its roots set in Celtic folklore: in the
lake lives a water spirit - who promises fortune and success to you - if
you are willing to sacrifice your child for it.

"The underlying theme," says Tena, "seems to be how our modern career
oriented lifestyles easily force us to make a choice between work and
family. As to the supernatural elements in herited from the folklore, this
would be like a ghost story told by a rationalist. All too often I have
seen thrills based on a simple idea that 'the ghost did it', sometimes
resulting in charming mystery sometimes in childish horror. All this seems
to be missing the point that our brains being first class simulation

Last but not least on the MRP/F&ME 2008/9 slate is Priest of Evil an
adaptation of Matti Joensuu's novel with its weary cop protagonist
Detective Sergent Timo Harjunpaa of the Helsinki Violent Crimes Unit. Ilkka
Matila produces this English language feature along with Downey and Taylor,
and it is to be directed by Anders Engström from a screenplay by Leo Viirret.

After a succession of suspicious deaths at Helsinki subway stations leaves
police baffled, Harjunpaa takes up the case only to uncover overwhelming
forces of evil. With no witnesses to the deaths and closed-circuit tapes
revealing even less, Detective Harjunpaa slowly discovers the madman behind
the murders-a fanatical priest who brainwashes teenagers into carrying
bomb-filled backpacks. No stranger to the seamier side of human nature,
Detective Sergent Harjunpaa must now face the most terrifying case of his

"The novelist, Matti Joensuu is a serial novelist and a criminal
investigator for the Helsinki police department," says producer, "so he
really knows his stuff. This adaptation is intended as the template for a
series of 13 films for television using the same protagonist."

Budgeted at Euros 4 million the screenplay will be rewritten by an English
screenwriter over the summer and will enter into production by the end of
the year.

"After our experience of collaborating with Marko and Ilkka on Quest for a
Heart," says F&ME principal Mike Downey, "It seemed natural to replicate
the experience. Both Sam Taylor and I are very happy that we can replicate
it three times over a two year period with such ambitious projects. We see co-production and reciprocity as the key to developing a mixed portfolio of productions and thus a sustainable business. By developing such key relationships as with MRP we are shoring up the future success of F&ME. "

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