Film and Music Entertainment and 20 Steps Lauch first Kickstarter Campaign For the Film Dede by Mariam Khatchvani

// 5th of November, 2015

F&ME is supporting our great Georgian friends in finding the final part of funding for their amazing feature film Dede

After Mariam made her short film Dinola in 2013, which was hugely successful winning many awards around the world, she and producer Vladimer Katcharava were invited by the Sundance Institute to attend their 2015 Screenwriter’s Lab. Where with lots of help and inspirational tutoring from famous film-makers such as Tobias Lindholm and Catherine Hardwicke, they finished the full length screenplay and started shooting.

The film spans over three seasons, Summer, Winter and Spring and follows Dina who lives in the remote village of Ushgili where tradition dicates her every move. It is arranged that she will marry the conservative David but when handsome Gegi returns from war, she meets and falls in love with him. She rebels and elopes. She has a child with Gegi but remains exiled from her family until Gegi dies in a tragic brawl. Winter comes and Svaneti tradition indicates that a widow must marry the first man who asked her. Levan proposes, Dina is forced to leave her old life behind forever, marry him and move to another village and never see her child again. In Spring Dina’s child falls sick and for the second time Dina is faced with losing everything. However Levan turns out to be a more modern man than the handsome Gegi. The couple unite against the traditional village elders to save her child.

Spring and Summer have already been filmed but we need your help to find the £38,000 so we can finish the final section, winter, this December and pay for post production. For this reason we decided to put the project on Kickstarter and reach out to the film-making community for support. Recently we have been selected as a Staff Pick by Kickstarter, a recognition that our project is a unqiue and exceptional project and a badge that very few other projects have.

So please support a truly great Georigan film by donating here.