Film and Music Entertainment ranked as UK's 2nd most active film company

// 13th of August, 2012

British Indie 'Film and Music Entertainment' have been ranked second most active production company in the UK between 2009 and 2011 according to the British Film Industry.

The company, founded by Mike Downey and Sam Taylor in January 2000, works primarily with a variety of partners throughout Europe. Their pan European slate has meant a fleet of co-productions with production houses across the continent. Recent films have included the multi award winning Parada (The Parade) by Srdjan Dragojevic, Andrzej Jakimowski's Imagine, and Peter Greenaway's Goltzius and the Pelican Company.

The company have recently expanded their activities working further afield noticeably on Gareth Maxwell Roberts' 'The Mortician' (USA) and Jacco Groen's 'Snow White' which tells the real life story of Philippino prostitutes. In addition, since the success of 'Turtles: the Incredible
Journey' in 2007 (Nick Stringer) the team have increased their output of documentary's with Tim Pritchard's 'StreetKids United' telling the story of Street children in South Africa, and F&ME will be producing Julien Temple's next documentary 'Children of the Revolution' telling the story of the socio-political upheaval in Rio and what it meant for the music scene.    

Producer Downey commented 'This is really great news, and has been keeping us busy. Its important for any company to have a wide variety of productions and we develop different projects with a view to keeping everything fresh'.

With this in mind F&ME are currently prepping for 'Epic', written by Ben Hopkins and Pawel Pawlikowski which will shoot in Georgia this Autumn, and are still in casting for Cassy and Jude, which has received funding from Film Agency Wales.

The statistical yearbook, produced annually by the British Film Institute, is a complete guide to the industry. Black and Blue Films topped the list, followed by Film and Music Entertainment, who have consistently ranked in the top five active of all British production companies in this annual statistical league table for the last 12 years.

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