Julien Temple To Direct City-Based Music Documentary Series; First Up, Rio

// 15th of May, 2011

by Dana Harris, Indiewire

Julian Temple will direct a series of city-based music documentaries, with the first, "Children of the Revolution," focused on the annual Rock in Rio concert in Rio de Janiero.

Other films in the series include London ("This Is London") and Tijuana ("Tijuanalandia"), with plans for Havana, Berlin and additional cities. Ealing Metro International will handle international sales rights.

Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s Film & Music Entertainment will produce "Children of the Revolution," which will shoot this fall.

Here’s the loglines for "Children of the Revolution," "This is London" and "Tiajuanalandia":

The film will look at the musical, social, political, cultural and technical revolutions that have taken place in Rio since the 1970s, the first legendary Rock in Rio Festival in 1985, and today; a period in which the country has gone from being an oppressive military dictatorship to one of the most open, vibrant and progressive democracies on the planet.

"This is London", commissioned by BBC Arts to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, will be produced by Temple and Rosa Bosch (BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB). The film tells the story of a metropolis that no longer exists and of the new London that has taken its place. It’s a story of one of the most extraordinary transformations any city has ever witnessed celebrating London’s multi cultural reinvention as the first truly global metropolis in history.

Shot like a sci fi, cyber punk journey into the heart of the abyss, TIJUANALANDIA, being produced by Temple and Bosch (as is HAVANA), will excavate the dark past of this Hybrid City; its unique border psyche and the economic and cultural forces that shaped it. It will explore the frenzied chaos of its recent past, celebrate its present and provoke its audience to ponder the profound and inspiring questions raised by its future impact on all our lives as the 21st century unfolds.

And here’s Temple’s quote:

"Since visiting Rio with the Sex Pistols for The Great Rock and Roll Swindle in the late 70s I’ve always wanted to make a film about the city and now as it finally prepares to take its rightful place on the world stage that time has finally come," says Temple. "At a time when the world will be focusing on London for the Olympic Games, the chance to make a film about the London I knew and the new city that has taken its place is an exciting and challenging prospect for any film maker. Brazil’s extraordinary journey from third world dictatorship to Olympic host country demands to be told. Visually Rio is a film maker’s gold mine and through its music and the people who make it, both the soul of the city and its unique destiny finds its ultimate expression. "

Temple’s music doc credits also include "Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten" and "The Filth and the Fury."