Life is a Trumpet World Premiere at Warsaw Film Festival 2015

// 5th of November, 2015

Antonio Nuic’s film, Life Is A Trumpet, world-premiered recently at the Warsaw Film Festival and will be released in Croatia on 1st December. It is a co-production between Croatia's Propeler Film, Slovenia's Staragara, Serbia's Baš Čelik, Montenegro's Artikulacija, and UK’s Film and Music Entertainment. The film breathes a breath of fresh air into part of the world that has been saturated with films about the war in the Balkans. Nuic’s film, about Bura a 35 year-old man who plays the trumpet in an alternative jazz band, offers a new compelling perspective where drama and comedy are intertwined, showing different viewpoints of the same event. Set in the city of Zagreb, Nuic is able to achieve an atmosphere that is both intriguing and warm, which has a decidedly urban edge. The tone of the film is both appealing and light, with problems being realistic and part of normal everyday life, something which Cineurope’s review highlights saying ‘this film is a nice film for nice people’.