The Constitution wins Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and the Audience Award at the 18th European Film Festival

// 8th of April, 2017

A good night in Lecce for The Constitution, who won the prestigious Audience Award, as well as Best Screenplay and Best Actor....

The Award for Best Screenplay was attributed to Rajko Grlić and Ante Tomic for The Constitution (Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, 2016) directed by Rajko Grlić, for the following reason: "a wonderful example of a complex story that plays with various kinds of prejudices. A heavy topic that becomes accessible through irony and light tones. "

The SNGCI Award (National Union of Italian Film Journalist...), a prize assigned by the members of the Syndicate and its President Laura Delli Colli to the best actress / European Actor was awarded to Nebojš Glogovac for Rajko Grlić’s film The Constitution, considering him as "One of the best Croatian actors thanks to its interpretation that explicitly highlights the marginalisation of homosexuals and the violence perpetuated against minorities. Under the disguise of the night, his character reveals the strength of an unexpected solidarity, which -without rhetoric- overcomes a conflict also ethnic, pointing out that, despite the Constitution, the rancour and contempt still prevail for each other’s differences."

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