Mike Downey

Mike Downey, is one of Europe’s leading and most active producers of feature fiction and documentary films. As the founder and CEO of Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME), he launched this independent UK production powerhouse on the Frankfurt DAX stock market 15 years ago as FAME A.G. .In this very short space of time he has produced more than 50 feature films, with producing partner Sam Taylor and company chairman four time Academy Award nominee (for best director) Stephen Daldry.

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is the founder/owner of Film and Music Entertainment. She co-founded the company with Mike Downey in 2000.

Manon Clement

Manon supports Mike Downey and Sam Taylor in-house at Film and Music Entertainment. Her role encompasses both production and development.

Anita Danino

Anita Danino is F&ME’s inhouse accountant.